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I use Express VPN service to protect my phone from cybercrime while connected to public wifi.  This is a must for sketchy wifi connections in restaurants, hotels etc. with terrible internet security.  Also, some countries block access to certain websites (eg. no Google in China!).

When the VPN is activated, it appears that I am at home in Canada so I can access my accounts (eg. banking) without jumping through multiple security authentication screens.  I can also watch my Netflix!

Disclaimer: By signing up, also receive a bonus of 30 days free service!


Click HERE to check out Express VPN.  You'll also receive 30 days free service. 


Register right before your trip to maximize the 30 days free! 


Cancel before the 30 days is up - and it is FREE!!!!


I use Booking.Com to book my hotels, B&Bs, and hostels while travelling.  They usually have the best rates and it is easy to book while on the go!

Disclaimer: By signing up, also receive a bonus of $25!


If you are a new customer,

book with my link

and receive a reward of

$25 FREE! (cdn)

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